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Sometimes you just need a locksmith. No matter whether you locked your keys inside your car or home, broke a key off in the lock, what you really need is fast and reliable service. When you need access to a car, your home or safe, Lock out Mijas can dispatch a locksmith to your location. We offer prompt response times to get you back in where you belong.

Next time you need a locksmith don’t panic just stay calm and give us a call.

Rates for late night lockout service

Lock out Mijas rates are about double time after midnight and time and a half in the evenings before that. We all work regular business hours and just like you we like to relax at home after a long day of work. This also means that we don’t have a dedicated team available 24-hours a day for lockout services. However the locksmith on duty for 24 hour service would love the extra income that a night call brings so don’t hesitate to call if you need help. Just remember you will wake one of us up if it is the middle of the night so if you only have a question or an issue that can wait until morning that would be appreciated.
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