Auto Locksmith in Mijas

Lost Key Cars or Had Keys Stolen?

If you were to lose your keys to your car/motorbike/van, or if for example a vehicle you purchased only had one set of keys for some reason, then your Auto specialist Locksmith Mijas will be able to not only ensure you have an extra set created, but also importantly ensure that only the keys that are in your possession can be used, removing all others from the motor vehicle’s database so they will no longer start the car.


Need a Spare Car Key Cutting or Replacement Keys for your Car?

  • Car Key Cutting / Car Key Programming – With the increasingly complex electronics that are in today’s vehicles it’s no longer just a case of cutting keys, but chips have to be programmed to ensure that the motor vehicle works. Specialist auto car locksmiths have the necessary equipment to do this and are often far cheapest way of getting spare / replacement car keys. Most deal with all kinds of vehicles ranging from cutting motorbike keys to cars, vans and trucks keys.



Are you locked out of your vehicle?
  • Locked out your vehicle – If your car keys have been accidental locked inside your vehicle than a auto locksmith in Mijas will be able to help you enter the vehicle via picking the lock, which is a skill that only a trained locksmith can do.  An auto car locksmith should be able to gain entry to any make or car/vehicle. ( van / truck )


Have you damaged or broken your car keys?
  • Damaged or broken car keys – Any number of factors could have occurred to break your vehicles keys, if any of the following have happened than auto locksmith in Mijas specialising in Car Locksmithing again will be able to help.


Is your car lock broken or damaged?
  • Car Lock Repairs – If you have a broken or damaged car door lock, a faulty latch or your bonnet lock is faulty a auto locksmith in Mijas will be also be able help either fix the fault car lock or fit a new one.
    Are your car keys stuck in the ignition?
    • Keys stuck in ignition or keys won’t turn – If your keys have snapped or stuck in the ignition to your motor vehicle a a auto locksmith can help by either repairing the ignition or replacing it.


    Keys stuck in car door or bonnet?

    Keys stuck in the bonnet or car door – again should this happen a auto locksmith will either be able to extract the key or recut the key for you.


    Other vehicles a auto locksmith can help with

    A auto locksmith will also be able to assist with other vehicles, for example lost vehicle keys to being locked out of your van/truck.  Some other common vehicles that a auto locksmith deal with are:

    • Motorcycle Keys ( sukuzi, yamaha, honda, harley etc.. )
    • Scooters
    • Vans
    • Trucks
    • Caravan
locksmith mijas cars

auto locksmith mijasCan’t find your keys or can’t get in to your vehicle in Mijas or one of the surrounding service areas? Let Mijas Locks be your first call. Our team is fast and friendly to get you back on the road quickly. 

We can provide replacement car keys, program chip keys, duplicate car keys, remotes sold and programmed, vehicle unlocks, and help you when your keys won’t turn in the ignition.

We can also assist with broken or worn keys, and help when your key won’t turn in the ignition of your car or truck.

We respect your time and will always give you an honest time estimate for a service call. We respect your car, and take every precaution to avoid leaving damage to your car.

We know that we can help get you back on the road quickly, so make sure Mijas Locks is your first call, every

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