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                                                       Safe Opening


The process of manipulating a lock might take longer than any other method that can be used to bypass the security of a safe, but it is the go-to method for many a safe locksmith. Safe locksmiths prefer to use this method to unlock safes because it negates the possibility of your safe (and its contents) being damaged. Manipulating a safe relies on the safe locksmith listening to the safe as they attempt to manipulate it into opening. Safe locksmiths are known to make use of stethoscopes and other sound amplification devices to help them move the dial along with its corresponding wheels into proper alignment. They listen intently and attempt to catch the sound that is made once the driver pin hits the notch on the wheel fly. This signifies that the unlocking process is on the right track. This is the preferred method of many safe locksmiths because it does not damage your safe but it manipulates it into opening. It takes time, patience, and want, so our safe locksmith will make sure that homeowners are aware of this. Drilling The Safe Drilling is another common method that a safe locksmith can employ to open a safe. This method is a lot faster than manipulating the safe but it does cause some minor cosmetic damage. A small hole is drilled into the lock and an instrument is inserted into the drilled hole to help the safe locksmith see how to open the safe. This practice has become much harder in recent times due to the added security measures that many safes now have. These measures make it harder to bypass the lock. If homeowners know of any of these added security features, it is imperative that they let the safe locksmith know beforehand. If there are stringent additional security methods in place, then the safe locksmith will probably not opt to drill the safe.


Scoping The Safe

Scoping a safe is very similar to drilling, the only difference between these two access methods is the inclusion of a borescope. A borescope is an instrument that is used to inspect the internal makeup of a structure by inserting it into a small hole. This option is most commonly used in place of drilling once the safe locksmith is made aware of the fact that there may be additional security measures in place. This method allows them to scope out the security measures and work to bypass them so that they are not triggered because this could potentially damage the safe or damage the contents of the safe.

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